Louvre Shelving Systems

Louvre Shelving

The louvre shelving systems allows for flexible and mobile storage and display of products in any industry.

Particularly where space may be limited , the use of fixed or mobile options can provide a simple and effective solution for businesses that need to engage in efficient storage or display strategies.

At Lynnco , we provide both to suit your specific requirements.

louvre shelving
Mobile louvre shelving unit from Lynnco

Louvre Shelving – Applications

With these systems , stock that has high rotation in the business can be easily accessed by clients with simply over view of the items , and the bins used on the louvre shelving can be easily labelled and identified for both purchase and stock take.

Using a wide variety of bin sizes and shelving options , this flexible system offers versatility in any business.

In manufacturing , vital components and other key production line elements can be simply and easily stored and handled , controlled  and monitored by key management personnel.

In retail , clients can easily access products and bins can be easily restocked and repacked.

Constructed from durable materials and the options have the units powder coated, louvre shelving can also be  and  is designed to withstand the rigours of service in any setting.


Mobile or fixed Louvre Shelving – your choice

One of the appeals of this type of product is that it can be used as either fixed shelving or mobile units…where it is fixed , the mounting process is simple and will leave your shelf securely attached to just about any surface.

Also , made of steel , they can hold a fair amount of weight without buckling or bending.

If the mobile option is more appealing , Lynnco can add our high quality casters to the frame and make your shelving system easily movable in your environment.

Either way , this amazingly versatile concept adds an element of convenience of access to any business.

If you haven’t considered using this system and your business is struggling for space and storage , then get in touch with us today and we will provide you with a louvre shelving solution today.