Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving – Resurrect Your Investment

For business owners in the retail sector , your display shelving is critical to effective sales in the aisles. Gondola shelving in it’s various forms plays a key role in maintaining product display and availability for consumers.

Usually made of steel and powder coated for durability , even these shelving systems take a beating over time.

As a high cost investment , owners can ill afford to simply discard these systems once their “sell by date” is reached.

gondola shelving

Refurbish your Gondola Shelving at Lynnco

To save on the cost of capital equipment and improve the aesthetic value of ware house and retail merchandising equipment LYNNCO offers a refurbishing service.

The process  entails the stripping off of the original gondola shelving top coat, down to raw steel using a chemical process or sand blasting where necessary. All items are then cleaned and phosphated to be  re-powder coated to the desired colour of choice.

With this service now available , shop owners can now breathe a new lease of life into the gondola shelving in your business.

By avoiding massive capital costs to re-purchase additional shelving , business owners can now significantly reduce this inevitable  cost by utilising  Lynnco’s refurbishing service.

Gondola Shelving – Extended life with high quality powder coating

With extensive experience in retail powder coating on display shelves , the team at Lynnco will bring in your dilapidated shelving system , strip them down to raw steel and then re-powder coat them and return them to you like new!

For a fraction of the cost to replace these systems , Lynnco can extend the life of your supermarket shelving systems to work for your in your business for another life cycle.

As specialists in the powder coating industry and having a state of the art powder coating facility on site – we don’t outsource -we offer superior quality powder coating in a variety of colour options to suit your requirements.

To get your gondola shelving systems refurbished , contact Lynnco today.